Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Workers of the world, UNITE!

Not, I think, over-blown. We may comment on local affairs, because the idea of socialism reaches down to every life in our current world. We look, though, to the big picture as well.

This story is horrifying:
Hundreds dead in Chinese mine blast
Associated Press, Tuesday February 15, 2005.
Chinese workers waiting at the scene after the coal-mining accident in Fuxin city that killed at least 203 people.
Its mines are by far the world's most dangerous, with more than 6,000 deaths last year in floods, explosions and fires.
China says it accounted for 80% of all coal mining deaths worldwide last year.
Via The Guardian.

6,000 workers a year minced by the drilling of coal from the Earth, sacrifices to the machine of capitalism and super profits or the Chinese rulers.

While some bleat about fake liberty, whilst politicians siddle up to the murderous wretches who rule that country, capitalism wreaks ongoing atrocity. Thus socialists urgently call for the workers of the world to realise that their fight is one, and they should unite against the common enemy that sends their brothers and sisters to their deaths three thousand miles away for chunks of fossilised trees.

Our actions here, in Lambeth, can light the fuse to end the slaughter.

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