Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another local by-election

A vacancy has occurred in Prince's ward in Lambeth Council. It's in the Vauxhall constituency (it's the area between Vauxhall bridge and Lambeth bridge behind the Oval cricket ground). We'll have to consider whether it's worth standing there. The by-election will be on the same as the General election, i.e 7 May

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Who Will Debate With The Socialist Party in Vauxhall?

The Socialist Party has attempted to debate a number of political parties in Vauxhall as part of the run up to the General Election.

Waleed Ghani of the newly reformed Whig Party agreed but suggested dates in early March that were not practical and unfortunately he is too busy in April to debate with the Socialist Party. We were looking forward to debating topical subjects such as whether to impeach Prime Minister Robert Walpole, or should the 1832 Great Reform Act have extended the franchise to the working class or even was the South Sea Bubble the Wall Street Crash or 2008 financial crisis of its day?

The Green Party candidate Gulnar Hasnain  rejected the call for a debate by saying: "I'm sure we would have a very interesting discussion and would share common ground but during the election period I need to be committed to public hustings and not any organised by political parties."

The Pirate Party candidate Mark Chapman also rejected the call for a debate by saying: "In principle I am in favour of anything which increases public engagement and understanding, and am very willing to put myself forward for any debate or hustings which you, or anyone else, is willing to organise. My only comment would be that it should be seen to be open and transparent, and in my opinion all confirmed candidates should be invited (even if some may choose not to accept)."

We expect to meet up with the above candidates at hustings to be organised in the Vauxhall constituency.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Acting globally

Received a request for an organisation calling itself Simpol (Simultaneous Policy) asking to sign a pledge of theirs. Here's our reply:

Thank you for your email, and request to sign up to your Simpol principles. I'm afraid I cannot.

Whilst the Socialist Party shares your general principles of democracy, co-operation and worldwide action, we see the problems facing the world as stemming from the ownership of the wealth of the world by a privileged class. We do not think the world's problems can be solved until the wealth of the world is taken into the common and direct democratic ownership of the whole of humanity.

Specifically, we think this requires a self-conscious and active movement of people working together, worldwide, and we cannot allow this movement to be divided into nation states or rely on Governments to help us.

If you would like to know more about the World Socialist Movement, please do take a look at our website at

Your for World Socialism,

Bill Martin (Socialist Party Candidate, Islington North).