Thursday, February 10, 2005

Socialism Forward not Back

Or somesuch.

Anyway, blog update.

I have added the constituency map as a link.

I've added the e-mail address of the local paper as a link - please, do write to them in support of our campaign (We'll be giving people a chance to write to electors in Vauxhall directly once the campaign starts, like the Guardians famous Operation Clark County - this is a worldwide movement after-all).

I've added a link to a wee video some of us made while doing media skills practice (indeed, it does look like a media studies course project piece, so please, do be kind to the rough edges and my own 'Open University' style, pay attention to the message not the medium - or my beard).

Had a branch meeting last night - turnout was vaguely poor, still the middle of winter - it's hard to drag the buggers out. We agreed we'd be doing a paper sale outside Brixton tube Saturday coming, 12 o'clock. See anyone there who's willing to show up.

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Darren said...

How did the paper sale go? Sorry I couldn't make it. Nothing would have filled me with greater pleasure than a Saurday morning/afternoon getting the 'thousand yard stare' from the working class in South London.

Don't mistake my comments for gallows humour or cynicism. I'm just hiding my reservoir of optimism.