Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The show is on the road

The same weekend that Labour's announcement of their Peter Seller's-esque election campaign slogan 'Britain Forward not Back', aka the war on verbs, our campaign team finally sorted out our draft election statement.

We agreed it at a delegate meeting of our three London branches. Unlike other parties where the candidate (in our case Danny) and the election agent (aka me) make all the decisions, we're running this campaign democratically. Our common position has been agreed by the delegates committee, and will go for approval to our executive committee who have been elected by the whole party's membership to ensure that such statements comply with the policy of the whole party as agreed at conference.

We are, thus, open, democratic and leaderless. This campaign is not a disperate group of people in London, but a part of a wider movement of hundreds of conscious socialists working together with a common cause.

Until we can release our elections statement, check out our declaration of principles the basis of our common cause.

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