Friday, February 25, 2005

People are greeeeedy!

Well, the TUC has another day of plebian pleading with the masters - this time in Work Proper Hours Day. According to their press release
The average long hours employee does almost an extra day of work each week (7 hours 18 minutes) according to official statistics. If paid at the average wage for these hours they would get an extra £4,650 in their pay packet a year.
Apparently, today is the day thatif the average long hours employee did all their unpaid overtime at the start of the year, [...] they would start to be paid.

And we're always being told that socialism can't work because people are greedy, and won't work for free. When here and now, we find people slaving away because they want to get the job done.

But what the TUC miss is that even if employers paid for every hour properly, and we always worked to time, we`d still be exploited. Exploitation is not low wages, it is the wages system itself. We are not paid for the work and wealth we produce, but for oure abilities to work, which we loan out to a boss on a daily basis. They pocket the wealth we create, and the difference between the cost of our skills and that wealth is their profits.

So long as this exploitation continues, so long will workers feel the need to slong themselves into a waking coma each night, to slave away to try and battle to keep their jobs which hang solely upon the profitability of their employers` firm.

But, of course, the TUC are up to their necks in propping up a government that proudly and consciously supports capitalism, so they themselves proudly and consciously support exploitation. The workers of Vauxhall have the chance to send the message that there is an alternative to wage-slavery, where each contribute their freely given labour to work on the commonly owned means of production to secure the goods society needs to which each is entitled to their share. Socialism, not pleading with bosses.

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