Saturday, February 12, 2005

Operation Vauxhall

OK, so events dear boy, events.

I've just drafted this letter which will hopefully be enclosed in our next all members mail-out that we send to comrades all over the world. It's a direct copy of the Guardian's 'Operation Clarke County' which was their (much derided) intervention in the American Presidential Elections.

For our part, though, we see the working class as part of one potential worldwide movement with a common interest in removing capitalism. So I'd like to emphasise that by encouraging members from all over the world to write in.

because we put such an emphasis on our members understanding the case for socialism, I'm confident they can put it as clearly as any election statement can.

branches in London intend to contest the Parliamentary Constituency of Vauxhall in the coming general election.

We want members from all over the world to take part in this.

What we would like to ask you to do is send a personal letter to a voter in South London, explaining why you think they should vote Socialist.

If you contact Head Office, we will forward you the name and address of a Vauxhall elector for you to write to, along with guidance and suggestions of what to say.

This is your chance to reach out and help in the campaign for socialism. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simply send write to head office, with ‘Operation Vauxhall’ on the envelope or in the e-mail subject line, and we will send you the details when a general election is announced.

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