Monday, February 28, 2005

Letter to the editor

We've just sent this letter off to the South London Press:

We are writing to you as Series Editor since we have not been able to get very far with your Lambeth desk.

On two occasions we have informed them that we will be standing a candidate in Vauxhall in the coming general election, but nothing informing the public of this has appeared. Asking why not, we told over the phone that election coverage would be done nearer the election. Fair enough if that’s the editorial policy but, if so, it is not being consistently applied as you can see from the attached cutting from your 25 February issue about a candidate standing in Tooting.

What we are expecting from the only local paper covering the constituency is not a long article on who we are, or what we stand for, but at this stage simply a short notice that we will be standing, the name of the candidate (Danny Lambert) and, ideally, perhaps the address of our election blog at (which we would have thought your reporters might want to look at from time to time in any event).

Established parties get press 24hrs hours a day, all year round. Yet, come election time, the privately owned press has no interest in offering the various alternatives to the electorate. This is democracy?

Perhaps you might like to e-mail them with your views on this?


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