Friday, February 18, 2005

Day of Action

Apparently the TUC is organising a 'day of action' over public sector pensions - that is, they are going to try and do their best to grab their masters and the media's attention.

Pensions have always been a con. Initially, they workers were set to receive them if they reached an age greater than the average life expectancy (it was 58 years when pensions were first begun to be given out at 65 years). We're expected to give over a third of our waking hours to our employers now, on the premise that when we're old (and of no use to them anyway) we can be secure and have money.

When the political whores in government and media start bleeting about 'the pensions crisis' and the 'demographic timebomb' they are lying through their teeth. The resources are there, the houses are there, there is enough food, goods and materials to go around. Where the problem for them is, is in fitting the pensiuon system in with their profits.

It's all about accountancy, and not about our lives and interests.

The TUC's pleading for pensions protection, though, does little good. There is no point asking nicely or parading around for cameras, when the real way to make change is to take charge for ourselves. So long as we are not society's priority, so long will we be left with facing having to beg for scraps. But of course, the TUC won't break with the Labour Party, and the illusion of influence that association gives them. They prefer to work within capitalism, rather than to try and abolish it.

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