Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Where we stand

Might help to clarify a little here. We are contesting the Vauxhall parliamentary constituency in South London in the looming general election (link leads to a map). It's not a big (geographically) constituency, but it's going to be tough work anyway.

All in all there are 85,919 electors in Vauxhall, and we will be sending our election address to some 53,959 homes (figures supplied by Lambeth Electoral Services). That's quite an udnertaking to reach that many people in the fervid atmosphere of an election campaign. I hope we can get our message across.

Part of the point of this blog is to give an account/impression of the amount of work involved in UK parliamentary elections, as well as putting the socialist case. The scale is actually breathtaking, when you consider how many people must be invovled to make it work. That gets lost in the gloss and fight between the well established and entrenched parties. We're definitely trying to punch above our weight.

I'll probably add the map link, and some other useful Lambeth ones, to the sidebar later in the week.

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