Friday, February 25, 2005

Minimum bribe?

On another front, the Labour government seems set to raise the minimum wage, according to the BBC:
The Low Pay Commission, which advises ministers on the issue, is reported to want the minimum wage to increase to £5.05 in October and £5.30 next year.

Mr Blair is expected to back the recommendation at his monthly news conference. Raising the £4.85 wage is one of Labour's key election pledges.
Strangely, we hear most about minimum wage rises around election times. You might actually think that they were, gosh, trying to bribe us. As Bernard Shaw once wrote, any government that promises to rob Peter to pay Paul can count on the support of Paul.

Of course, rises in the miniumum wage are welcome, anything to ameliorate poverty is a fine thing, except, when we have the wealth, talent and capacity to end poverty altogether, and simply don't, because holy private property stands in the way. A rise in the miniumum pittance is nothing compared to abolishing the wages system once and for all, and establishing a system of society bsed on from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.

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