Monday, March 28, 2005

Trying to make capitalism history

Here is the text of a letter sent by email to the South London Press on 21 March:

"Make Poverty History" writes Roger Elbourne of OXFAM (Letters, March 18). Yes, but I'm afraid it's going to take a lot more than charity shops and the sale of "fair trade" goods. Since the cause of world poverty is the capitalist system which puts profits before satisfying human needs, the only way to end poverty is to make capitalism history.
Danny Lambert, Socialist Party candidate for Vauxhall.

The aim was to draw attention to the fact (of which the South London Press has not yet informed its readers) that the Socialist Party is standing a candidate in Vauxhall, but the letter did not appear in Friday's (25 March) edition. So, people in Vauxhall (except those who've received one of the thousands of leaflets we have been distributing) still do not know this. Friday's edition did, however, contain a second letter from the Green Party candidate. So people have been informed two weeks running that they can vote for capitalism with a green face if they want to.

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