Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another letter

This one to the South London Press...
Dear Friend,

It should be clear to any fair minded person that the debate about stock transfer in Clapham Park estate is a scandal. Not the question over whether the stock should be the property of Lambeth council or of a housing association, but the fact that there is a dispute at all over whether people should be decently housed; that renovations and repairs should be conditional upon the right financial chicanery.

Given that we have the wit, wealth and capacity to ensure that no-one need go without a proper roof over their head, it is a crime that people are homeless in the streets or living in run-down accommodation in our world. The problems with accommodation do not lie in council ownership or pure mismanagement, but in the fact that the condition of our having access to housing is a column of figures in the account books of them as own our world which must be satisfactorily arranged.

Whether council owned or housing association run, the capitalists and financiers must be satisfied before we can have access to the housing we need. So long as our society is owned by a tiny fraction of the population wealth and human life and talent will be squandered in pandering to their account books.

In the coming election, the Socialist Party will be contesting Vauxhall constituency to promote the campaign for the common ownership of society - so that everyone can have free access to food, clothes and housing - without exception and without having to go cap in hand to profiteers.

Incidentally, if you send anyone any letters in support of our campaign, do e-mail them to us and let us know.

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