Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Generals' strike

According to the BBC the First Division Association - the trade union of top ranking civil servants, is planning to join in with the big public sector pensions strike on 23rd March.

That's the same day that UNISON, T&G and Amicus Unions are all planning on holding strikes in local councils, and the PCS - for lower paid civil servants - will be joining in. The T&G carries some more of the story here.

That could see 1.5 million people going on strike in the run up to a general election.

Attacks on pensions are an attack on workers' rights and on our wages - by the back door. They are also a blow to the strength and prestige of Unions who help administer the pensions. It is a struggle that involves people as workers - and it goes to show our general case is right, that even people at the very heights of authority and power are members (albeit highly paid ones) of the workig class, with an interest in common with their fellow workers.

Over 40% of workers in Lambeth have a degree - and would thus be written off by themselves and the left as middle class, however, the grim reality is that is you depend upon selling your skills and abilities in order to get a living then you are a member of the working class,a nd have every interest in abolishing the wages system with us.

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