Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Local politics for local people...

I just thought I'd try and find out what the Capitalist Party in Vauxhall was saying about the campaign.

I tried looking at the Vauxhall Liberal Democrat Tendency's web site, but couldn't see anything about their candidate or the activity - too busy defending their coalition with Tories in the council. I had to visit their national site to discover that their candidate is Charles Anglin - Anglin' for a job maybe? Given the thumping Labourite majority, he's clearly on the suicide run until a better seat turns up. But, given that liberal democrats care you'd think he'd be more prominently campaigning already on the ishoos.

I tried Labour - they don't have a constituency specific site - but they do have the Lambeth Labour Fraction of the Capitalist Party, a website dedicated, it seems to attacking the the Tory/Lib-dem coalition in Lambeth. Strange how it's always the party in power that is wasteful and incompetent - couldn't be because there are no real issues of principles or policy to divide the warring careerists? I couldn't find a dedicated homepage for Kate Hoey The sitting Labour Fraction's MP, so that puff peice from the Lambeth site had to do. Her record as an MP wasn't hard to find - though it doesn't mention her continued support for capitalism.

The Tory Campaign Group at least have their candidates on their local front page - they at least look like their making an effort and mention the coming election. Looks like Edward Heckels (yes, I'm sure he does) - will be their candidate.

Of course, the reason why they are putting so little effort into campaigning, is because they have national campaigns and free access to national media to do their campaigning for them - to actively organise, get out and prosyletise for their parties is unnecessary. Though I'm sure a token effort will be made.

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Movement for Justice threw their hat in the ring, and possibly the Green Party - plenty of choice - apparently - yet only the Socialist Party offers the choice of whether to continue with capitalism or not.

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