Friday, March 04, 2005

Campaign Update

OK, tomorrow our executive committee will be meeting. They will, hopefully, finalise our election statement which will be delivered to all the homes in Vauxhall Constuency during the election. As a democratic organisation, we have included in our rules a provision that our EC - directly elected by the membership as a whole - must approve election statements to ensure they conform to the party case agreed at conference by the whole membership of the party. You can see both conference resolutions and rules here. They should also agree our budget, but I need to arrange that.

That should mean hopefully on Sunday I could reveal the statement on this blog. It is the centre peice of our campaign and is, I hope, a concise statement of our case.

On Sunday the London Election Delegates Meeting will be gathering at our Head Office to continue co-ordinating the campaign. Three of our London Branches are involved in the campaign, so we need to make sure we can co-ordinate between them. More news when it comes.

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