Thursday, March 10, 2005

Letter to the Authoritahs...

South Bank Board
South Bank Centre
Royal Festival Hall
Belvedere Road
2 March 2005

Dear Sir/Madam

On Saturday 19 February some members of our party were distributing leaflets outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall. This was in connection with the coming general election when our party is standing a candidate for the Vauxhall constituency into which this part of the South Bank falls. They were approached by two security guards and told that permission to do this was required.

As we find it difficult to believe that candidates in an election for Parliament require permission to campaign in a part of the constituency which they are contesting, we should be grateful if you would confirm whether or not the information our members were given was correct. In the event of it being so, we should be grateful if you would communicate the name of the person who apparently has the power to grant or refuse such permission so that we can contact them on the matter.

We should be grateful for an early reply as the next date we have fixed for leafleting in the area is Saturday 19 March.

Yours faithfully
Bill Martin (Election Agent for Danny Lambert, Prospective Socialist Party candidate for Vauxhall).

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