Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sects appeal

Just been doing some more research about the local area on Wikipedia - I looked up Clapham - where our campaign office is (in the Party's Head Quarters on Clapham High Street - see if you can spot it...). I found an interesting link to the Clapham Sect - an 18th Century group of abolitionists, who resided in the area.

Now, in left-wing circles, a party such as ours is known as a sect - because we are small compared to say, the Labour Party, and because we privillige keeping our ideas and principles consistant over grabbing members at any cost. We prefer to be small with conscious socialist members rather than big with large numbers of confused but wantiong to be radical members.

Much like the Clapham Sect we are abolitionists. That is, we want to abolish wage slavery, the situation in which the vast majorityy are compelled under threat of poverty and immiseration to prostitute themselves for a wage or a salary.

Unlike the original Clapham sect, we aren't benevolent philanthropists wanting to lift the chains off others, we believe they can do so for themselves - once the agree to organise to take control of the wealth of the world and establish common ownership and democratic control.

Do you want to be an abolitionist?

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