Friday, March 11, 2005

Get yer votes out...

Well, today is the last day to get yourself on the electoral roll if you want to be registered in time to vote on May 5th (likely polling day).

Rolling registration meansthat turnout should be technically higher than previously, because the traditional registration in the autumn gave plenty of people a chance to move house or die, but still remain on the roll. We'll see.

Unlike other revolutionary groups - i.e. groups calling for a fundamental change in society - we encourage people to get out and vote, we do believe it has some effect (the candidate chosen by the majority will win, they will decide laws, etc.) even if the odds are stacked against outsiders (for now).

Fundamentally, we consider that voting is a way of co-ordinating between people. In some dictatorships, there may well be an effective majority capable of sweeping aside the esteblished order, but lacking the infamous 'spark' no one is prepared to go first and risk being caught on their own.

We have the same problem. Many many people say to us: "Socialism is a wonderful idea, but I don't think anyone else will go for it." Almost everyone says that. We need to send a clear signal that we are thousands strong, that we are not alone. Voters in Vauxhall have that chance, by voting for us if they agree with our ideas.

Elsewhere, where we are not standing, you still have the chance to make a write-in vote for socialism, by writing 'World Socialism' across the ballot paper.

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