Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who's standing for mayor

Here's the official list announced today:

Boris Johnson: Conservative
Ken Livingstone: Labour
Brian Paddick: Liberal Democrats
Jenny Jones: Green
Lawrence Webb: UK Independence Party
Carlos Cortiglia: British National Party
Siobhan Benita: Independent
Abdulla Jan Dharamsey: Independent
Zack Gilpin: Independent
Peter Lee: Independent
Wolfgang Moneypenny: Independent
Femi Solola: Independent

Interesting to see how many people have at least £10,000 (the deposit they are going to lose) to self-publicise themselves.

We are not really interested in this election, partly because we think the principle of an elected executive mayor in undemocratic but also because there is no socialist candidate standing. What our members will be doing (if they bother to vote at all) is to cast a write-in vote for socialism by writing "WORLD SOCIALISM" on the ballot paper.

The nominations for the lists and for the constituencies have also closed but not seen any details yet.

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