Friday, March 30, 2012

Southfields by-election result

The result of yesterday's by-election in this ward of Wandsworth Council was announced last night and can be found here.

On a much reduced poll the LibDem share was reduced from 18% to 6% and the Greens' from 8% to 3% with Labour's increasing from 23% to 40% compared to the 2010 borough elections. Don't know if this will be repeated in the London elections. Not that voters switching between reformist parties makes all that difference.

There's a council by-election in Merton on 3 May. By coincidence it's in a ward (Wimbledon Park) bordering on Southfields. We will be distributing the same "Vote for them? You must be joking!" leaflet as we did in Southfields.

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Londonsocialist said...

The 4 candidates in the Wimbledon Park by-election (Lab, Con, Lib, Green) have been published here: