Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wee update

OK, so, sorry I've not been posting. Work intervened.

So, latest news is that nominations are open. Here's the list so far of candidates across London.

So, this weekend, I popped down to head office to organise a mail-out to my Branch (North London), to encourage members to get involved. We'll be doing to "group" leaflettings:
Saturday 14 April, 12 noon.

Leaflet distribution: Clapham Junction. (Outside station)

Saturday 21 April, 12 noon.

Leaflet distribution: Tooting broadway (meet at tube station)
We'll see how many members make it.

I also got to see out leaflet, which had just turned up from the printers, and, as we've now come to expect, it's very neat, clear, and to the point. I look forward to giving them out and shoving them through letter boxes (they're slim card, so no pesky folding and flopping about).

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