Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drafting press releases is tough

We're sending out the below press release. I compiled a wee list of contact details (some news outlets make it quite hard to find contact details, tha knowest). I concentrated so hard on getting the content right, of course, a few typos slipped through: which is why I'm glad I sent it for checking before release.
Press release: for immediate use.

The Socialist Party today announced that it is contesting two seats at the Greater London Assembly elections, 3rd May this year.

Daniel Lambert will again be contesting the Lambeth and Southwark constituency.

Bill Martin will be contesting the the Merton and Wandsworth constituency.

Daniel Lambert says that they are standing to raise awareness of the possibility of democratically establishing common ownership of the means of living. He notes "Enough resources, know-how and skills exist already to provide comfortably for everyone. It’s the profit system that prevents this. We need to do away with it and instead produce and access goods for needs."

Bill Martin says "At a time when all other political parties are saying they have to make us all worse off in order to protect the wealth of the 1%, it's important that we each stand up to fight against this unnecessary impoverishment."

Adam Buick, their agent, says "Merton and Wandsworth constituency alone has more voters than Malta and Luxemburg, so this is an immense opportunity for us to get our message out to the wider public."

They are campaigning on a slogan of "It's up to you."


Anonymous said...

Isn't the election on 3rd May?

Bill said...

Ahem. Like I said, drafting press releases is difficult. Needless to say that did not slip past the proof readers or go out to the newsrooms.

Edited here too, now.


*Shuffles feet*