Thursday, March 29, 2012

Candidates for Mayor (Correction)

I made a mistake (or, rather, CapitalFM did). According to this official announcement , there will be only 7 candidates (all but one of the 6 Independents have not been accepted, presumably because they didn't raise the money or the 330 signatories required weren't all in order). The list is now:
BENITA Siobhan - Independant
CORTIGLIA Carlos - British National Party
JOHNSON Boris - The Conservative Party Candidate
JONES Jenny - Green Party
LIVINGSTONE Ken - The Labour Party Candidate
PADDICK Brian - London Liberal Democrats
WEBB Lawrence James - Fresh Choice for London
Webb is the UKIP candidate. It's not clear why they've chosen to contest under another name. Surely, that's a mistake as they're well known as UKIP but who are we do advise a capitalist party how to run an election campaign?

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