Friday, March 30, 2012

Our opponents

The full confirmed lists are out: Lambeth and Southwark

  • BARTLEY Jonathan Charles - Green Party
  • BLACKIE Rob - London Liberal Democrats
  • FLUSS James Gordon - Fresh Choice for London
  • LAMBERT Daniel Peter - The Socialist Party (GB)
  • MITCHELL Michael - The Conservative Party Candidate
  • SHAWCROSS Val - Labour Party Candidate

    Merton and Wandsworth

  • COOPER Leonie - Labour Party Candidate
  • KULENDRAN Thamilini - Independent
  • MANZOOR Mazhar - Fresh Choice for London
  • MARTIN James William - The Socialist Party (GB)
  • SMART Lisa - London Liberal Democrats
  • TRACEY Richard Patrick - The Conservative Party Candidate
  • VICKERY Roy - Green Party

    Apparently "Fresh Choice for London" is the UKIP tag line, though, given there is a UKIP list, I wonder if they are trying to maximise their chances by standing as two "parties" (i.e. if they win any constituency seats as Fresh Choice it won't count against the total for UKIP on the list). Either that, or they are just trying to tart up their image.
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    Londonsocialist said...

    The Independent in Merton and Wandsworth sounds like she comes from the Tamil part of Sri Lanka. I wonder what her politics are.