Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What the paper said

Here's what the South London Press said in last Friday's (8 April) edition. Note the absence of any mention of any Socialist candidate.

Candidates: Labour, Kate Hoey. Conservative, Edward Heckels. Liberal Democrat, Charles Anglin. Green, Tim Summers.
Labour's Kate Hoey held this seat in 2001 with a 13,000 vote majority. The outspoken pro-hunting politician was first elected to this inner-city seat in 1989. Public affairs consultant and councillor Charles Anglin challenges for the Liberal Democrats this time around.
The Tories have fielded Edward Heckels, chairman of Vauxhall Conservative Association. The Liberal Democrats and Tories could both gain some ground here but it would take a landslide to topple Hoey.
Prediction: Labour hold.
2001 result: Labour, Kate Hoey - 19,738 Liberal Democrat, Anthony Bottrall - 6,720 Conservative, Gareth Compton - 4,489 Green, Shane Collins - 1,485 Socialist Alliance, Theresa Bennett - 853 Independent, Martin Boyd - 107 Turnout 44.8 per cent

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