Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Right, so, yeah.

1) We held our first election meeting of the campaign, and we've agreed generally it's free-fire saturdays till the election, people will be at our campaign office - 52 Clapham High Street - every saturday to organise leafletting and campaigning - pop along if you want to meet and greet us.

2) We've been out collecting signatures for our nomination papers - they have to be in by the 19th April - so plenty of time.

3) Operation Vauxhall - we have the list of electors now,a nd this week I'll be sending out addresses for our members to write to so they can get involved - thanks to SAwansea branch for so many members volunteering to help.

4) Party Name - it looks like we may have to put Socialist Party of Great Britain on the ballot paper, but there's still scope for argument on that score. We want The Socialist Party because the of Great Britain is just our international name, really.

5) We had a nice phone conversation with South London Press, a feller called Greg Truscott, who is running the election coverage. We've been promised to finally get our fair crack of the whip. They had a preliminary listing of candidates, see, and we weren't included, despite having contacted various people at their office to try and tell them about our campaign. Anyway, we have a hotline now.

More soon, getting very busy.

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