Tuesday, April 12, 2005

General Leaflet

Below is the text of our general leaflet we will be handing out on the street:
Vote for yourself - for achange!

Most people think that whichever government is elected it will make no real difference to their lives.
Most people are right.

Most people think that political leaders are dishonest timewasters.
Most people are right about that.

Most people think that the world is in a mess: jobs losses, pressure at work, unaffordable housing, transport chaos, kids on the streets, a collapsing health service, wars, ecological destruction, countless millions starving while farmers are paid to let food rot.
Yes, society is in a hell of a mess.

Most people think that little can be done to change it.
They’re wrong.

Society does not have to be like this.

We live under a system where:

Production is for profit, not primarily for need.

The richest 10 per cent own well over half of all personal marketable wealth.

The richest one per cent own nearly four times as much as the poorest 50 per cent added together.

The economy is run to make the rich stay rich at the expense of the rest of us.

The market can never be run in the interest of the majority of us who produce the wealth but do not possess the major resources. No tinkering with the profit system by any government can ever make it comfortable, secure and happy for the majority of us.

All of the politicians in this election are asking you to vote for them so that they can run capitalism – continue the mess – piling on the misery.

What we need is a new way of running society based on:

+ The common ownership of all resources by the whole community, not just a rich minority.

+ Democratic control of the community by everyone, without distinction of age, race or sex, instead of rule by unelected company directors or state bureaucrats.

+ Production purely to meet people‘s needs, not profit.

+ Free and equal access to all goods and services – an end to the market and to money.

Only the Socialist Paryy stands for that alternative: genuine socialism.

A vote for the Socialist candidate means that:

+ You reject the policies of the profit system.

+ You understand and want the real socialist alternative.

+ You do not need leaders to do your thinking and run society for you.

+ You are going to vote for yourself – for a change.


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