Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Last weekend

The life of this Blog draws to a close. I've just sent this circular round members, but you can join in as well.
Lo All,

well, it is the last week of campaigning, and it's a bank holiday
weekend, so there's every chance for members in London (and beyond) to
come down and help out in Vauxhall.

The procedure is simple, someone will be at HO all day, and you turn
up, we bung a handful of leaflets in your hand and shove you out the
door, go forthe and distribute, as God didn't say.

Next week, we aim to canvas, the more pairs of canvassers the better,
so come one come all, to the greatest show in the galaxy.

Bill M. Election Agent.

We'd also appreciate anyone who gets our election communication getting in touch with us...

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