Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Now we know

OK, here are the names of the members of the various factions of the capitalist party we're opposing in Vauxhall. nominations closed today, all these peopel will be on the ballot paper.

Charle Anglin - Liberal Democrat Faction.
Edward Heckels - Tory Faction.
Kate Hoey - Labour Tendency.
Robert McWhirter - UKIP Fraction.
Janus Polenseus - English Democrats External Fraction.
Timothy Summers - Green Platform.

Our Candidate - Danny Lambert - The Socialist Party.

So, there we go, I hope we'll see them all at the hustionmgs on Thursday night.

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ajohnstone said...

There would be little difference for businesses between a Labour and Tory government, says Richard Branson.

Asked which party would be better for business, the Virgin tycoon said:
"Arguably, it doesn't matter." ..."The difference between having a Labour government for business to having a Tory government has been fairly negligible," he told Newsnight.

He told the BBC Gordon Brown had been a brilliant chancellor, but said Labour had continued Tory policies...Mr Branson said he liked Mr Brown a lot, but said much of what he had done could have been expected if the Tories had controlled the Treasury.