Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And they're off...

Well, following a day's delay for the dead Pope, it seems the Election will be formally announced today. Hopefully that means that the local press will begin to actually take notice of our candidacy.

Tony Blair will comply with the feudal relics of our constitution and ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament, that's expected for Monday next. Then we will be formally into election time.

Notices of election will be published, and we will go round knocking on doors asking people to sign our election nomination - we need ten nominees - in order to be able to submit it. We'll also need to fork out £500 deposit.

By the way - if any readers are electors in Vauxhall and want to get in touch to be a signatory, do contact us - either in our comments box or at spgb@worldsocialism.org - or pop into 52 Clapham High Street - that'd be very kind.

After that, we'll get our election leaflet approved, printed and distributed. We'll go knocking on doors, posting leafltes and yelling on street corners, and we'll go hassling the press to let us in.

Being workers, though, we're going to have to use up some of our hollidays for this venture, which means we probably won't be hitting the streets in force until about the 18th (that's when I'm booked from).

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