Monday, April 21, 2008

Yellow Tories

aka Booting Brian

Ah, the Liberal Democrats, the cuddly party that is the genuine alternative to the tired old two party system. Put another way, the party for people who can't be honest enough with themselves to admit they're a Tory. See, they're not really Tories, when they cut taxes they do it with Muesli, or something like that.

Having seen what the rapacious Lib-Dems can do in office, in Lambeth and in Camden, with their Tory bed fellows - slashing funding to soft targets (community groups, meals on wheels, day care, advice services) we know whose side they feel their bread is buttered on.

So, when Brian Paddick offers the moon on a stick - lower crime, better policing, better environment - lower taxes we know just how it will be achieved. After all, he wants to end the housing problem, but look, Yellow Tories in Camden have begun selling off council houses to the private sector to pay for rennovations to stock (in Camden, it should be explained, tennants have voted against an Arms Length Management Organisation that is the Red Tories in government's prerequisite to release rennovation funding - we can thank John Prescott for that privatisation scheme).

But, look, they want to build trams - trams everywhere I tell you! as far as the eye can see, from Marble Arch to Stratford (£32 million) from Camden to Sarf London (£Millions and millions) - oh, and all Tram stops with have toilets and electronic information (strangely, the Lib dems in Camden only seem keen to open toilets in wards they control...hmmm), oh, and little green pixies who will grant your every wish...

Of course, the Fib-dems know they aren't winning here, but it doesn't hurt to use the mayoral electiions as an advertising spring board for their reign of cuddles.


Londonsocialist said...

I see now. This explains a statement in one of the Liberals leaflets in the constituency that "if enough traditional Conservatives lend their support to Caroline Pidgeon then Labour's high Council Tax can be beaten". So, here anyway, they are appealing to "traditional Conservatives". They can always try but I always thought that these voted UKIP.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems will promise anything to win any vote from anyone at any time, anywhere.

"What was that? You want us to make it compulsory to pedal a unicycle backwards in congested areas on St. Patrick's Day, while wearing a red nose and shouting 'Rudolph'? What a good idea! Yes, of course that's one of our policies! But only in Scotland..."