Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We've done this before you know...

We've stood in this area before, back in the days of the GLC:

Streatham in 1973 the result was:

Geddes (Con) 10492
Walker (Lab) 9426
Mitchell (Lib) 2114
Simpkins (Soc) 120
Boaks (Ind) 57

So we beat Commander Boaks.

In 1970 in Lambeth (3 members) we beat the Union Movement candidate

In 1967 in Lambeth one of our candidates beat one of the CP's, securing the highest number of votes ever won by a Socialist candidate in Britain: 1362. Nice if we could make 4 figures this time.

So, people in Streatham over 50 have had a chance to vote socialist before.

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