Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, the UK indpendence Party has gained its first MP - in honour of that occasion, let us look at their position in the London elections.

Well, last time, they got two members on the GLA - who promptly jumped ship to join Veritas [Who they? - ed.] and disappeared into oblivion under the later name of One London. (Are yous till awake at the back there?).

As a party, now, their aims are simple - they don't like furriners and don't want them - no furriners 'ere, pelase, guv'nor - oh, and lower taxes more taxis and an end to the congestion charge. Tories on crack, if you will.

Let's let them speak for themselves:

Law and Order – Punish the guilty and protect the innocent
  • Get the police back on the streets preventing and detecting crime
  • The police should only have one target – to reduce crime

    Transport – Get London moving, economically and efficiently
  • Scrap congestion and emission charges
  • Keep traffic and parking restrictions to a minimum
  • Reduce tube fares and make tickets flexible

    Reduce the tax burden – Give Londoners value for money
  • Money will only be spent on the services and projects that benefit all Londoners equally
  • Cap the cost of the Olympic Games
  • No cash for cronies and quangos

    A vote for UKIP is also a vote to say:
  • NO to mass immigration
  • NO to the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution
  • NO to the European Union

    That from Gerard Batten's entry in the mayoral booklet.

    They've obviously been to the Iain Paisely school of NO! To be frank, with Tory Johnson doing right-wing dog whistle politic, and him pretending to be as fond of referendums as they UKIPpers are, they're likely to get squezed at this election, as only ringht wing wingnuts deserve, really.

    At present, despite being Britains fourth largest party, they are a long way from holding any substantive officem, so they can afford to make oppositional hyperbollic promises, btuas soon as responsibility comes, they'll act, look and behave exactly like any Tory group...
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    Anonymous said...

    UKIP is just a band of ultra-Tories and a distraction. Actually, I have some respect for those who oppose European political integration (which is what the EU's true purpose is), on the basis that Europe's supranational institutions are more anti-democratic than the capitalist 'democracy' we have in Britain.