Thursday, February 23, 2012

A morning in Morden

As I had to go to Morden for my car and as it was sunny I decided to stay there and give out some leaflets saying we were standing in the elections in May. For non-Londoners Morden is part of the borough of Merton and so of the Merton & Wandsworth GLA constituency (Londoners will know it as the end of the Northern Line going south).

I know it's a bit early and the only political thing I came across was the constituency office of the Labour MP Siobhan Mcdonagh (which naturally got a leaflet through the letter box). Yes, Labour MP. Merton is not all £2 million houses in Wimbledon. I ended up near what's said to be the biggest mosque in Britain, but it's not a proper muslim one but that of a breakaway sect called the Ahmadis who follow a prophet who came after Mohammed. Their slogan is "love for all, hatred for none". This is not reciprocated by orthox muslims who regard them as heretics and persecute them in Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia and have issued death threats against them in England. A reminder of why we are opposed to religion.

Anyway, although we will be concentrating on Wandsworth, Merton is not being entirely neglected.

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