Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Life in a democratic organisation

Well, so I had this wheeze, see, to get us a bicycle with a trailer to mount a billboard on for election advertising (and to let us have a "poster launch" press event). I submitted the idea to our elected executive committee: and they said no. One member told me he thought it was a low tech solution (actually, he said it would look like Steptoe and Son). Strangely, though, as I walked out of the room and along the street, I saw a commercial bicycle advertising hoarding, so it's not too low tech for the professionals.

Fair do's, though, I'm not going to waste the story; because it does illustrate that we are a democratic organisation, where our members call the shots, not candidates or organisers. That's what we mean by "It's up to you": we aren't leaders, we're not out to tell people what to do. If we're going to make change, you have to do it yourselves. Sometimes you'll be outvoted, others you'll win out, but, unlike the professional politicians, we're not staking "credibility" on an ability to "control" our members, in fact, it's the other way round.


vin maratty said...

I wish you all the best for the elections but - as I understand Marx and your position - the material conditions for socialism do not exist within capitalism: class consciousness. The election will only show that the workers neither understand nor want socialism.

Londonsocialist said...

Thanks, but we don't expect to win, only to spread class consciousness as much as we can.

vin maratty said...

I wish you all the best in your efforts.