Thursday, February 02, 2012

Looking at Wandsworth

Some stats about Wandsworth:
A third of the borough's land area is occupied by residential properties, many within one of the forty five conservation areas. A quarter of the borough's land area is open space, much of this in the form of large areas of heath and common, and the Thames forms the northern boundary. [...]Around 134,095 dwellings are home to a population of approximately 289,600 (2010)[...]The 20-39 year old age group represents 47% of the population compared to 27% nationally and 35% in Greater London. Ethnic minorities account for 22% of the population as a whole and 26% of under 15s [...] There are approximately 99,600 people working in the borough, but of the 142,000 working residents in the 2001 Census, 29% worked in Wandsworth and 46% worked in central London boroughs.
That is, roughly, the borough houses about 5 million hours a week of available labour. the question becomes one of whether the people who perform that labour actually benefit from all that such working time could achieve for them. Anyway, moving on. There are 11,000 firms with 0-9 employees (accounting for about 93% of the borough's employees); 700 10-49 employees; and 100 with 50+.

An theme that should loom large in the election will be housing. In 2010/11 apparently, a net of 481 new homes were built in Wandsworth. Anyway, enough for now, next we'll take a brief look at Merton.

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