Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not the way

Three bodies have been found in a burnt out bank in Greece. Petrol bombs have been thrown at police. Rioters have been tear gassed.

Chances are the three dead in the bank are our fellow workers, whose death we will mourn, and who died simply because of where they worked.

There is no need for such protests. Nor, though, is there need for austerity: there are resources and human capacity for labour enough to provide for all. What there is is a class interest that prevents that happening. That can be done away with, peacefully, without slaughter, by democratic action.

To take that action requires, though, conscious understanding. Without the clear knowledge of the need to organise production for use - collectively and democratically - we see the futile attempts to resist that are occurring in Greece.

All of which is to simply say why it is so important that the tiny handful of people who read this blog use their voice at the ballot box to reach out and let others know where they stand. The more of us who blaze the trail for socialism, the more others will join us.

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Londonsocialist said...

What idiot thought you could get at bankers (if that's what they wanted, instead of blaming the whole capitalist system)by fire-bombing the local branch of a bank. They were bound to kill only bank workers.