Friday, May 07, 2010

Hang on...

Right, didn't attend the count, maybe some who were there will tell if anything fun happened, but here is the Beeb-Beeb-Ceeb's version of the count:
Kate HoeyLabour21,498 49.8%
Caroline PidgeonLiberal Democrat10,84725.1%
Glyn ChambersConservative9,30121.5%
Joseph HealyGreen7081.6%
Jose NavarroEnglish Democrats2890.7%
Lana MartinChristian Party2000.5%
Daniel LambertSocialist Party of Great Britain1430.3%
Jeremy DrinkallAnticapitalists - Workers Power1090.3%
James KapetanosAnimal Protection Party, The960.2%
That puts us down from 240 last time, and means we've been leapfrogged by the English Democrats (whop we beat last time), but at least we beat the animal rights feller.

Looking at it, if we add our vote and the Workers' Power character's vote together, we get about the vote last time, so maybe those 109 Drinkall got are left reformists who voted for us in 2005.

It will, of course, be interesting to compare with our council election votes.


Darren said...
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Darren said...

I thought Workers Power would beat the SPGB. (And I'm sure Workers Power thought they would as well.)

Glad to say that we were both proven wrong.

stuart said...

Congratulations to everyone involved in the SP's campaign. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Just to say thanks for the blog. I'm not in agreement with the SPGB on everything but have found reading it really interesting. Thanks again...!

Anonymous said...

Hats off (from a WSM onlooker in Japan) to the great effort by Dan and everyone else involved. I wish I could have been in London to help out too.

aberfoyle said...

Good to see your in good humour,rather than those candidates less magnanimous will be.As we did not expect to rock the world.

Well you all can put away the electrol paraphernalia but not the banner,for that will have to be dusted off,for use, in the not to distant future.

Janus Polenceus said...

Well, watch out! The English Democrats are coming! The EngDems have still beaten both SPGB and A-WP even if they were put together!

Paco said...

This is another case of factionalism dividing the hard left movement. You may be cheese off the same block, but we all know that cheddar crumbles easier than camembert... May I refer you to a similar article on my blog and the state of factionalism in Australia? I will anyway: