Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Last Day

Two of us went this morning to Lambeth College on Clapham Common to the march of striking members of the University and College Union were organising from there down Clapham High Street (past our premises, with its new opened-up front) to Clapham North. Good luck to them. We talked to a few of the 30 to 40 people present and gave them a leaflet. The other politicos there were from Workers Power and the SWP. The SWP man took the megaphone on behalf of the Wandsworth Stop the War campaign saying "Jobs Not Bombs" and recalling with nostalgia the Callaghan government of the late 1970s when the top rate of income tax was 60p in the pound which, he said, if applied today would raise enough money to stop the education cuts. Speaking to him afterwards he said he was going to vote Labour tomorrow. Which about sums it (and his party) up.

Still waiting for the Town Hall to deliver tickets to attend the count tomorrow. Not certain any of us will stay to the end as the result is not expected till 5am in the morning (because they'll have to separate and verify the general and local election votes first). The votes in the local election won't be counted till 3pm on Friday.

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