Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Memories of Tulse Hill

Elizabeth Jones of UKIP has sent us this photo taken after the hustings in the Tulse Hill local council by-election last year. Also in the photo are the chair (Kaye Wiggins of the Brixtonblog), Steve Nally of TUSC, Adam Buick of us and the LibDem candidate:

In the olden days this would never have happened as Party speakers used to refuse even to shake hands with opponents.

Elizabeth Jones is standing against us again in the current elections in Ferndale ward. Earlier this year she represented UKIP in a debate with us, the opening speeches of which can be found here. She is also No3 on the UKIP list for the European Parliament in the London Region.

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Anonymous said...

Quite sickening to see a socialist rubbing shoulders with supporters of capitalism. Same happened at one point in that debate with UKIP; socialist, chairperson and Jones all saying 'cheese' together. Makes me want to wretch. Yuk!

Bring back the "olden days" I say!