Friday, May 04, 2012

London-wide list results in the two constituencies

These have just been announced.

Here they are for Lambeth & Southwark

Labour 78,174
Conservative 30,498
Green Party 20,151
Liberal Democrats 15,945
UKIP 4,216
Christian Peoples Alliance 2,591
BNP 2,048
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition 1,891 (1.2%)
English Democrats 1,075
The House Party 695
National Front 468
Ijaz Hayat (Independent) 335
Rathy Alagaratnam (Independent) 62

And those for Merton & Wandsworth

Conservative 61,476
Labour 53,978
Green 12,990
Liberal Democrat 9,925
UKIP 4,927
Christian Peoples Alliance 2,744
BNP 2,038
English Democrats 1,021
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 904 (0.6%)
The House Party 536
Rathy Alagaratnam 428
Ijaz Hayat 383
National Front 368

These are the results of the votes cast by the same voters in the two constituencies we contested but on a separate ballot paper.

What is intriguing is why the vote for TUSC should have been smaller than the vote for us (1047 less in Lambeth & Southwark and 439 less in Merton & Wandsworth). Since TUSC was offering a programme of attractive reforms ("jobs with a living wage for all", "no cuts", "cheap, efficient and safe public transport", "affordable homes for all", "free education") while we just advocated socialism, it might have been expected that they would have got more votes than us.

There are various possible explanations ranging from a statistical one (6 and 7 candidates in the constituencies compared with 13 lists) to the political ones that TUSC appealed mainly for the votes of trade unionists in the public sector while our appeal was directed at workers generally or even that some who voted for us deliberately didn't vote for them because they didn't believe in their reformist approach or the feasibility of their reforms within capitalism.


Jack said...

Bit disappointed we couldn't beat the BNP

Londonsocialist said...

Actually we did get more constituency votes in Lambeth & Southwark than the BNP got list votes there.

Londonsocialist said...

Just recalculated and we did get more votes in the 4 London London boroughs combined than the BNP: 4281 as against their 4086.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all concerned. Hasten the revolution!