Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Day the Election was Called

This seemed a good day to start distributing the local election manifestos, so went to the westernmost part of Larkhall ward (and of Vauxhall and the borough of Lambeth) on the other side of Wandsworth Road. Went the extra 300 yards up the Wandsworth Road to drop one in at the John Buckle Bookshop at No 170, the headquarters of the "Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)", a Maoist outfit (can't remember whether they supported Albania or Mao's widow -- anyway they stand for state-capitalism not socialism). It wasn't open. It never seems to be. So couldn't find out what their line on the general election is. I think they may be calling for a vote for Kim Il Sung II of North Korea.

Picked up a copy of a paper for Portuguese-speakers in Britain, ie workers from Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. When a story concerns one of these countries it is signaled by the country's flag. Noticed that the Angolan flag features the hammer-and-sicke. That should please the RCPB(ML). Or maybe not.

Just heard on the news that the actor Corin Redgrave died today. He stood against us for the Workers Revolutionary Party in the 1978 Lambeth Central by-election. He got 271 votes. We got 91. He didn't like us. The feeling was mutual but we mustn't speak ill of the dead, at least not on the day they died.


aberfoyle said...

Check this out.I have resided in this land since 1972.Im what is termed a perminent resident,i arrive here by way of jumping ship.I was going to donate 50 bucks to your campaigne, get a few bus tickets with the rate of exchange.Anyway contacted said gov electoral office and on fileing all appropriate docs they inform me im not eligable to vote in my home land being due to the fact that im a perminet resident of n.z. therefore eligable to vote in n.z.out there.

Its a no mans land situation.Maybe they thought i would be putting in for a pension,or worse still looking for a passport.

Londonsocialist said...

Sir Sean Connery had the same problem when he wanted to vote for the SNP. The good news is that people not on the UK electoral register can still give up to £500 (but not a penny more) to a UK registered political party but I think Connery wanted to give a lot more than that to the SNP.

aberfoyle said...

World Socialism Now.