Thursday, May 01, 2008

A not so secret ballot

Well, it happened, ten past seven this morning - I know, I lknow, I slept in a little coz I'm on holiday - I went and cast my ballot for world socialism. My polling station had moved from the primary school to the church run nursery across the road.

I was greeted by a chart asking "How tall are you" and the good news is that I am considerably taller than all those five year olds.

Actually, I wrote "World Socialism (SPGB)" on all three of my ballot papers in large friednly letter, and put them nicely, unfolded, into the box. I chose to add the little rider for two reasons:
  • Because I've heard canny agents have occasionally blagged World Socialism for Labour or leftist candidates, and I wanted to make sure.
  • Because at the count spoilt ballots are displayed on a screen, and I wanted to advertise.

    The polling staff must have guessed I was up to something, because I was in that booth scribbling for ages.

    I didn't, as some members have in the past, poke my head out and ask how you spell "Bastards", I just quietly got on with business and then went about my day, another of my small lifetime ration of votes used up, and still unable to vote positively for the party of my choice.

    Only Labour had a polling agent outside, I cheerfully let him know my polling card number - half the point of the write-in vote is to positively let it be known that we've been to cast a vote, a good discrepency between tallied voters and valid votes cast sends a significant message.

    Good luck, fellow socialists.
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    Londonsocialist said...

    My polling station in the SW London constituency is an evangelical christian centre. Every time I vote I complain about the tendentious political("Christ is King") and economic ("Jesus Saves") slogans displayed above the voting booths, especially out of place this time as there is a Christian Party contesting these elections. Anyway, I voted 4 times for SOCIALISM, including as my first and second preference.