Friday, May 16, 2008

More details

I don't know if anyone is still reading this so long after the election but the London Elects site has just published a breakdown of the votes for the three elections (mayor, list members, constituency members) at
This is an excel file that is not that easy to follow unless you know what you're looking for (we're candidate No 4 for Lambeth and Southwark). Anyway, here for the record, and in more readable form, are the highlights from Lambeth and Southwark constituency election.

Labour 30625
LibDems 17921
Tory 17319
Greens 9759
Christian 2114
UKIP 1153
LeftList 1081
SOC 917 (1.1%)
Animals 899
EngDems 698

Labour 29976
LibDems 19032
Tory 15516
Greens 8252
Christian 2318
UKIP 1859
EngDems 1169
Animals 929
LeftList 875
SOC 671 (0.8%)

Clearly, we're more popular in Lambeth than Southwark (while Animals and English Nationalists are more popular in Southwark). Which makes sense since we've been contesting parliamentary and local elections there for years and most of our election leaflets were distributed there.

Our prize result was in the Larkhall ward in Lambeth, roughly the area between Clapham North and Stockwell tube stations (postal votes not included):

Labour 1287
Tory 652
LibDems 390
Greens 370
Christian 98;
SOC 71 (2.3%)
LeftList 50
Animals 45
EngDems 25

To be complete our best result in Southwark was in Faraday ward. Don't know why. Don't even know where it is without checking:

Labour 1333
LibDem 459
Tory 355
Green 196
Christian 128
EngDems 59
SOC 39 (1.4%)
LeftList 37
Animals 22

Just checked. It's part of Walworth. Maybe it reflects the outdoor speaking station we ran at East Street from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Our worst result was in Surrey Docks ward of Southwark, now inhabited by yuppies, where we only got 18 votes. But at least we got more than double the number who voted for the LeftList (aka SWP), whose 8 votes was the lowest number cast for any candidate in any ward.

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