Sunday, May 28, 2017

Undemocratic hustings

An attempt to hold an undemocratic hustings was made last Tuesday. Luckily it was cancelled due to the Manchester massacre:

The organisers have been sent the following email:
I see you had arranged a hustings for Tuesday 23 May to which you invited only 4 of the 7 candidates in Battersea. This is undemocratic. If the hustings is being rearranged simple democracy requires you to invite Danny Lambert, the Socialist Party candidate, the UKIP candidate, and the Independent candidate, Chris Coghlan. Otherwise electors are not being offered a full choice.

In any event, please let me know of any new date for the hustings.


Adam Buick, Election Agent for Danny Lambert, Socialist Party candidate
for Battersea.
Even if we are not invited we'll be there, to kick up a fuss.

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