Friday, April 22, 2016

One More Letter

Letter published in today's Surrey Comet (but sent to its sister, free paper, the Kingston Guardian) under their heading "Profits first":
MP Siobhan McDonagh is right to point to the loopholes in the government's 'Living Wage' law (Surrey Comet, April 8). Employers aim to make a profit and the more they have to pay in wages the less there is for profits. So they can be expected to try to get round any law that increases their wages bill, either by cutting other payments as you report B&Q have done or by not employing so many low-paid workers. This is how capitalism works and why it needs to be replaced by a system based on common ownership and democratic control where people would no longer depend for a living on being paid by an employer.
Adam Buick, Socialist Party candidate GLA South West constituency.

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