Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our nomination accepted

The nomination papers for our candidate were handed in and accepted this morning. So far ours is the only nomination. So, if there are no others, Danny Lsmbert will be elected as the first Socialist councillor in Britain. But of course there will be more -- the usual suspects, Labour, Liberal, Tory, Greens and UKIP.

No doubt TUSC too though they won't have been planning to contest Vassall since they were courting Kingsley Abrams, the resigning councillor, who had been suspended by the Labour Group for opposing the cuts. Here's the Brixtoblog on why he resigned (to try to move further up the greasy pole by becoming an MP).

The result the last time we contested the area in which Vassall wards falls -- the Greater London Assembly elections in May 2012 -- was as follows (not including postal votes):

Labour 1683 (56.7%)
Cons 430 (14.5%)
LibDems 379 (12.8%)
Greens 336 (11.3%)
Socialist 82 (2.8%)
UKIP 52 (1,9%)

A safe Labour seat then.

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