Tuesday, July 02, 2013

And the candidates are...

And here are the opposition:
Amna AhmedLiberal Democrat
Mary AtkinsLabour
Bernard AtwellGreen
Timothy Briggs Conservative
Adam BuickSocialist Party
Elizabeth JonesUKIP
Steve NallyTUSC
Valentine WalkerIndependent
Eight candidates for a by-election, political life in the Capital is interesting to say the least. Pleasing (though not unexpected) to not see the fash standing. It'll be interesting in the current terms of debate to see if the UKIP advance continues. Also, have to ask, are parties deliberately choosing people with names high up the Alphabet (including us)? 5 before we get past B. Who knows if that will have an effect for us.


ajohnstone said...

The best of luck.

Londonsocialist said...

Amusing series of tweets here: https://twitter.com/langrabbie/status/352175689698521089

Humberto said...

This is awesome!