Friday, December 21, 2012

Online publicity

We haven't contested a council by-election for a number of years. (The last was in 1996 in Clapham Town ward of Lambeth when we got 20, or 0.7%, the equivalent of 200 in a parliment election). But that was before the internet took off.

This time we've been invited to a hustings on Thursday 10 January organised by an online Brixton newspaper, the Brixton Blog. More details (time, venue) later.

Also, the Council have asked for a photo of our candidate to put on their website, as a means of publicising the election (they probably expect a low turn-out), which they will tweet to those who follow them.

Who would have thought that a local by-election would provide such opportunities to publicise socialism?

1 comment:

ajohnstone said...

Will a photo be provided or will a statement be issued that it is the case and not the face that counts?

I, for one, think no pic is an opportunity to offer another example of our unique position. A veryu brief explanation can be offered to the council to print in its stead, and perhaps a press release could be issued on why we declined to submit a candidates picture.

Or we could increase the publicity by using a photo of Danny masked...V - Vendetta style?