Friday, February 19, 2010

Focus on Vauxhall

OK, so that was the national stats, lets throw in what we know about London:
For October to December 2009:
  • The employment rate was 68.7 per cent and there were 3.71 million employed people.
  • The unemployment rate was 9.1 per cent and there were 373,000 unemployed people.
  • The inactivity rate was 24.2 per cent and there were 1,253,000 working age inactive people.
  • According to this constituency profile (which I will add to the sidebar) back in June 2009 Vauxhall had a nearly 4% greater unemployment rate than London (which was about 2% over the national average), so we could reasonably infer that Vauxhall will have greater than 12% unemployment, around 9 to 10 thousand unemployed.

    What emerges from even these scant glances through the official statistics is the shocking normality of these conditions, that such widespread unemployment (and as we have seen from previous posts) poverty should nt be a burning priority, but an after thought to servicing the wishes of the insanely wealthy.

    The Tories like to beat Labour with the "class war" stick. We, though, are calling for class war, for a struggle for the thousands and millions abused and held down by the wages working to organise themselves to abolish that condition.

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